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Rochester Texts

selling, buying & trading textbooks in Monroe County

Rochester Textbooks
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Rochester Texts is for any Rochester college student-- U of R, RIT, MCC, Bryant and Stratton, etc. (any college/university in Monroe County) to sell, exchange, trade, give away, whatever you want, your textbooks. Don't get ripped off by your bookstore. Don't sell your $120 book for $10.

The bottom line is,
don't let the system eat your money.

God knows we're all poor enough as it is.

Joined users have free posting access. Light modding will be applied if anything gets out of hand.

When posting, list:
-Title of Book (or CD set, if applicable)
-Author of book
-Edition number of book
-Condition of book
-College you attend
-Price (or negot.)
-A way for an interested buyer to contact you, be it phone number, email address, etc.

Keep it clean, and keep your hard-earned money.