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Tue, May. 16th, 2006, 12:36 pm
bandeyemlinsang: Women Work & Culture books

Women Work and Culture (books)
I have the two books that are required for this class (from spring quarter) at RIT.

$50 for both.

1. The We and the Us: Mentoring African American Women- sells for $32 on lulu.com
2. Working Women in America: Split Dreams -sells for $25

Books in good condition.

email admin@dragonflydays.net
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Sat, May. 21st, 2005, 04:19 pm
angry_youth: MCC Bio Course Text Book

If anyone is taking Biology 115 and needs the Biology: A Human Emphasis by Cecie Star, Fifth Edition, I'm selling my copy because the bookstore "had too many" and wouldn't buy mine back. It's in very good condition with the cd included. There is however, a little highlighting and notes in the first few chapters only (this was done by the girl before me)...but I did find the notes helpful for the class.
It sells for 99.95 new, but make me a decent offer and it's yours...
contact me: aim: angelicmidnight, or e-mail: angelicmidnight@aol.com

Mon, Feb. 14th, 2005, 02:43 pm
bandeyemlinsang: Used book for sale- Anthropology

"Conformity and Conflict" Eleventh edition by Spradley and McCurdy. At the RIT campus, can drop off in any apartment in the evening, or meet at Java Wally's between 12-1 Tuesday-Thursday. It's for Cultural Anthropology.

Sells at the bookstore for $20, I'll sell for $12. If you take w/ Uli Linke, I'll even email you a copy of last quarter's notes, if you'd like (I was the notetaker). Okay. Email me at admin@dragonflydays.net to inquire. Thx!

Mon, Feb. 14th, 2005, 09:45 am
bandeyemlinsang: Welcome to Rochester Texts

And welcome to Rochester Texts. This is by, and for, Rochester (and Monroe County)'s college students to exchange and sell/buy their texts for reasonable prices without getting ripped off by your local bookstores, or even by RTE.

Be sure to post all the necessary information when selling a book. See guidelines on the main page! Use freely and often. Thanks, and see ya around campus.

-Sarah the administrator